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python OpenCV的imread不能读取中文路径问题及解决


这篇文章主要介绍了python OpenCV的imread不能读取中文路径问题及解决方案,具有很好的参考价值,希望对大家有所帮助。如有错误或未考虑完全的地方,望不吝赐教


import numpy as np
import cv2

cv_img = cv2.imdecode(np.fromfile(jpg_path, dtype=np.uint8), -1)  # 读取8位图像

OpenCV imread()函数 (从文件加载图像)

def imread(filename, flags=None): # real signature unknown; restored from __doc__
    imread(filename[, flags]) -> retval
    .   @brief Loads an image from a file. 从文件加载图像。
    .   @anchor imread
    .   The function imread loads an image from the specified file and returns it. If the image cannot be
    .   read (because of missing file, improper permissions, unsupported or invalid format), the function
    .   returns an empty matrix ( Mat::data==NULL ).

		该函数将返回一个空矩阵(Mat :: data == NULL)。
    .   Currently, the following file formats are supported: 当前,支持以下文件格式:
    .   -   Windows bitmaps - \*.bmp, \*.dib (always supported)
    .   -   JPEG files - \*.jpeg, \*.jpg, \*.jpe (see the *Note* section)
    .   -   JPEG 2000 files - \*.jp2 (see the *Note* section)
    .   -   Portable Network Graphics - \*.png (see the *Note* section)
    .   -   WebP - \*.webp (see the *Note* section)
    .   -   Portable image format - \*.pbm, \*.pgm, \*.ppm \*.pxm, \*.pnm (always supported)
    .   -   PFM files - \*.pfm (see the *Note* section)
    .   -   Sun rasters - \*.sr, \*.ras (always supported)
    .   -   TIFF files - \*.tiff, \*.tif (see the *Note* section)
    .   -   OpenEXR Image files - \*.exr (see the *Note* section)
    .   -   Radiance HDR - \*.hdr, \*.pic (always supported)
    .   -   Raster and Vector geospatial data supported by GDAL (see the *Note* section)
    .   @note
    .   -   The function determines the type of an image by the content, not by the file extension.
    .   -   In the case of color images, the decoded images will have the channels stored in **B G R** order.
    		对于彩色图像,解码后的图像将具有以** B G R **顺序存储的通道。
    .   -   When using IMREAD_GRAYSCALE, the codec's internal grayscale conversion will be used, if available.
    .   Results may differ to the output of cvtColor()
    		使用IMREAD_GRAYSCALE时,将使用编解码器的内部灰度转换(如果有)。 结果可能与cvtColor()的输出不同
    .   -   On Microsoft Windows\* OS and MacOSX\*, the codecs shipped with an OpenCV image (libjpeg,
    .   libpng, libtiff, and libjasper) are used by default. So, OpenCV can always read JPEGs, PNGs,
    .   and TIFFs. On MacOSX, there is also an option to use native MacOSX image readers. But beware
    .   that currently these native image loaders give images with different pixel values because of
    .   the color management embedded into MacOSX.

			在Microsoft Windows \ * OS和MacOSX \ *上,
    .   -   On Linux\*, BSD flavors and other Unix-like open-source operating systems, OpenCV looks for
    .   codecs supplied with an OS image. Install the relevant packages (do not forget the development
    .   files, for example, "libjpeg-dev", in Debian\* and Ubuntu\*) to get the codec support or turn
    .   on the OPENCV_BUILD_3RDPARTY_LIBS flag in CMake.

			在Linux \ *,BSD版本和其他类似Unix的开源操作系统上,OpenCV会寻找OS映像随附的编解码器。 
			安装相关的软件包(不要忘记在Debian \ *和Ubuntu \ *中忘记开发文件,
			例如“ libjpeg-dev”)以获得编码解码器支持或在CMake中打开OPENCV_BUILD_3RDPARTY_LIBS标志。
    .   -   In the case you set *WITH_GDAL* flag to true in CMake and @ref IMREAD_LOAD_GDAL to load the image,
    .   then the [GDAL]( driver will be used in order to decode the image, supporting
    .   the following formats: [Raster](,
    .   [Vector](

			如果您在CMake中将* WITH_GDAL *标志设置为true并使用@ref IMREAD_LOAD_GDAL加载图像,则将使用[GDAL](驱动程序对图像进行解码,以支持 以下格式:[Raster](、[Vector](。
    .   -   If EXIF information are embedded in the image file, the EXIF orientation will be taken into account
    .   and thus the image will be rotated accordingly except if the flag @ref IMREAD_IGNORE_ORIENTATION is passed.
			因此,除非传递了@ref IMREAD_IGNORE_ORIENTATION标志,否则图像将相应旋转。
	    .   -   Use the IMREAD_UNCHANGED flag to keep the floating point values from PFM image.
    .   -   By default number of pixels must be less than 2^30. Limit can be set using system
    		默认情况下,像素数必须小于2 ^ 30。 可以使用系统变量OPENCV_IO_MAX_IMAGE_PIXELS设置限制
    .   @param filename Name of file to be loaded. 要加载的文件名。
    .   @param flags Flag that can take values of cv::ImreadModes 可以采用cv :: ImreadModes值的标志